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Pressure Washing

Everyone cleanes their home by vacuuming, dusting, and moping the floors. What about the outside of your home? Your driveway and sidewalks? Around the pool? These factors are just as important when taking care of a home.

Living in Georgia we have to live with the pesky little organism called mildew and it can and does grow on everything. If you have light color siding on your home you might see it a little faster than someone with a brick home, but it also grows on brick, your roof (those black streaks), your concrete, everything. Pressure washing is your mildew removal remedy.

Below are a few of the pressure washing services that we provide to best meet your need.

Low Pressure Wash: House, Roofs, Deck Cleaning, and Play Areas

For houses, roofs, and deck cleaning, we use a low pressure chemical wash. We use water mixed with a bleach compound diluted 5:1. This is a safe and effective wash for your home and should not damage any existing shrubbery surrounding your home. Any exterior potted plants will be moved away from the house.

It's important to recognize there are two limitations to any house wash. Black streaks on gutters will not wash out nor will red Georgia clay. However, there is a 100% guarantee on mold & mildew removal from the exterior of your home.

Deck cleaning is also a ‘low pressure’ procedure to not damage the wood. We rely on the chemical for the dirt and mildew removal which typically shows itself faster on the deck than anywhere else on the home.

Those unsightly black streaks that have showed up on your roof are actually a form of mildew feasting on your shingles. When it rains and the water runs down your roof it is actually spreading the mildew. This is not only looks bad, but is not good for your roof. Keeping it free of mildew will preserve the life of your roof.

High Pressure Wash: Driveways, Patio, Pool Area (virtually all concrete)

Like anything else your concrete gets dirty at such a gradual rate your barely notice, but once it is clean it is like – WOW! I did not realize how dirty it really was.

This is where the “HIGH” pressure comes in. Mildew removal on concrete can be accomplished with very high pressure (and chemical if needed) that cleans out all the nooks and crannies of the concrete, and almost creates a metamorphosis in the way your concrete looks.

Acid wash

Occasionally, there are stains and areas that just will not come clean with a normal chemical wash. We also offer an acid wash that will clean those hard to clean or stubborn stains. An acid wash is not needed in most cases but we do have it available when needed.

All homes under 3,000 sq ft in Cobb county are $125.00!

We service: Acworth, Austell, Canton, Cartersville, East Cobb, Kennesaw, Mabelton, Marietta, Powder Springs, Smyrna, West Cobb, Woodstock

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